Athletes experiencing pain

With the olympics here, I thought that I should look into how athletes perceive/experience pain, so I found this video and thought that it was very helpful in understanding how athletes cope with pain, and why they have a higher pain tolerance.

This video was really insightful in seeing how different people cope with pain (in this case athletes) and different strategies to mask pain.  Even focussing on something else wold help your emotional pain and I didn’t think about that for physical pain, and I guess they want to win at their sport so it’s worth the pain.  I also think that athletes experience lots of injuries that they are used to playing with injuries.  And the athletes would want to represent their country no matter what.

The only thing I wonder after watching this is how much training would the athletes have to go through for having a higher pain tolerance.

Thanks for reading, check out my twitter @poison_pain and tell me your thoughts on this video.


2 thoughts on “Athletes experiencing pain

  1. this is really cool. who knew? If athletes have a much higher pain tolerance than does that mean that people who do absolutely no extra curricular activity or physical activity have a lower pain tolerance or does it all depend on the person as well?

    1. I think that if you don’t do anything, you would probably have a lower pain tolerance. But it would also depend on the person, if the person is very flexible then they could probably tolerate more pain but may not know how. Also everybody has a different tolerance towards pain

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